Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pothys Chennai


Pothys stand as an undisputed leader in the textile industry since it is the ideal destination for buying silk sarees for all occasions. The silk sarees are crafted to perfection and has lot of design and stories within. Pothys has a distinctive advertisement style. There advertisements always have a grace an everlasting endurance. Pothys offers greater customer satisfaction and no wonder they were chosen as the best by Sun TV AC Neilson survey. Pothys also tries to inculcate good habits among the children by giving saplings to grow and by giving piggy bank to save money.

Pothys offers you our own exclusive brands of pure silk sarees, artistically designed & hand crafted at our looms - Samudrika , Parampara and Vastrakala . Pothys has established itself as house hold name in the textile industry. Pothys.com has over 746 followers on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook. It has been bookmarked over 15 times across major social bookmarking services such as Delicious. Pothys (pothys.com) is currently categorized under the category: websiteedit . Pothys (pothys.com) currently has 0 reviews.

Pothys Clothing's fully integrated state of the art manufacturing facility was commissioned at Sriperumbudur near Chennai. This hi-tech factory in an area spanning six acres laced with greenery and a lot of open space and is self sufficient in all fronts. Pothys opened the largest showroom in Panagal Park, in the year 1999. The tradition and innovation .

Silk saris form an integral part of Indian weddings and celebrations. The rich weave and feel of Kanchipuram silk saris hold everyone in their sway. Each category features the finest Indian sarees, Arani silk, kancheepuram silk sarees, Indian Wedding Sarees, bridal silk and purest silks of bridal collection in its splendid best. It is no more associated only with traditional silks but houses many designer saree houses too. While Varsidhi is known for their rich ethnic styles and traditional collections, Moksha Sarees are known for being unique and catering to the latest trends.

Vastrakala Pattu combines the grandeur and richness of Kanchipuram silk with the intricate an extensive hand embroidery work of North India. Together they create an enchanting blend of North and South to give you the perfect saree that will make you feel special in any social gathering. Product Description: Georgette is a sheer lightweight fabric, often made of silk or polyester. It is slightly heavier and more opaque than chiffon.


  • May 8, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    my experience with pothys has been terribly bad. they are cheap in handling the people who visit the store. the employees are not ready to display things on the rack. if requested, they bluntly tell us to check what is already outside; the management is totally not bothered about this.
    if you dont like to enter saravanna stores, dont try this shop. both compete eachother in low customer satisfaction. i really wonder how everyone shops there losing their self esteem.

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