Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cycle is better than Bike

Hi Friends,
    I am having bike and cycle. For anywhere to go with family only I will prefer bike otherwise I will choose cycle only. With that habit all of my friends laughing at me as well they used to call me as "Kanjan". But I have to laugh at them. They are all thinking that using the bike is their prestige thing so they hesitate to use cycle. In my budget it is hard to get a exercise equipment. In fact with the help of cycle I am not having any BP and Sugar problem.  But my friends who are thinking bike as a prestige matter having BP and sugar and big belly ;-) .

I am encouraging my relatives also to use cycle for nearest places. So this will make your body as good also you are helping to have a clean environment. As we know bike will emit smoke which is danger to environment. why don't you follow this???


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