Friday, April 16, 2010

Golden Tips for Home Makers - House Wife

Golden Tips for Home Makers - House Wife:
The golden tips for the women's especially who get tired while cooking. Mostly during summer we feel very tired and irritated to cook food because we don't use fans in the kitchen.  Only exhaust fans are available for kitchen as regular fans will switch off our Gas stove ...

So to escape from heat in this summer, I have many tips as follows:
  • Use energy saver lights because it emits low amount of heat
  • Use good quality exhaust fans which helps to send out the heat from kitchen.
  • Finish your cooking very early in the morning before Sun Heat comes in...
  • Don't sit/stand in congested room to cut vegetables
  • Select food which will take little time to cook.
  • Don't switch on all the burners of gas, as it will produce more heat
  • Use microwave or electric rice cookers instead of gas stove. This will avoid heat as well you no need to stand in front of the stove.
  • Use cotton nighties. Don't wear any hard cloths.
  • Instead of using tamarind you can use tomato or lemon to reduce heat in food.
  • Use cucumber somewhat more than normal usage
Hope you enjoy my tips :-) comment if you have any other tips. :-)


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