Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Jewels Theft - Need Bank Locker

Hi... We all want to have a safe and happy life. For that we planned many things and buy lot for our home. It may be anything like TV, Fridge, Washing machine, A/C, and Jewels. Those are purely our hard work. But in recent days the theft is increasing especially in Tamilnadu. Thieves are thinking that this is the easy way to earn money.

In our home the heavy things can not be theft easily. So almost all the thieves target Jewels and cash at first. In today SUN TV news I saw nearly 15 theft happened in Vedachandur itself. The thief is not having moral fear. So they don't afraid about others hardwork to buy such valuable things.

But to make those safe is our responsibility. It is better to have all of your valuable documents and jewels in Bank Lockers to have a safe life. Many will think, it is inconvenient, but compared to losing anything it is better to tolerate some inconvenience. 


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