Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kone Falls - Chennai Picnic Spot

Hi All,
Are you in Chennai and planning to spend your holiday with a small picnic for this summer? To reduce your body heat you can better select any falls... Is there any falls near Chennai? Then you can surely visit Kone Falls which is around 95Km from Chennai and around 60 Km from Thiruvallur District. Kone Falls is almost center part to Andhra and Tamilnadu. So this place is always crowed with two state peoples. Kone falls is non stop :-). Even in summer also Kane will have water. Some of the falls will not drops water at summer... But Kone falls is a exceptional which is always give enjoyment to their visitors.
Kone Falls
On the way to Kone falls, sun flowers are welcoming us... Yes lot of sun flowers you can see through out your travel. There is no need to bring bags with full of snacks as Kone falls is having many stores / shops and hotels to get nice food as well as all the things which we really require for outing.

If you select bus route, you will be traveling to  Chitor via Uthukottai. The cost may around 100 to 120 rupees for a person. If you hire any car then you have to spend from 1200 to 1500 rupees for a family...

So I hope you will enjoy your holidays with this nice falls and with a cool Bath :-)


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