Thursday, April 29, 2010

Star Mahila in ETv

      Star Mahila is the most famous game show that is been telecasted in ETV. Timings of Star Mahila is from 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM every Monday to Saturday. It has created a record by completing 500 episode. It is a ladies gam show. The anchor of this program is "SUMA".

      In this Mega game show they are 6 lady contestants and 5 rounds. Every round is very interesting and enjoyable. SUMA makes every one laugh with her funny comments. In Star Mahila game show every contestant can win a prize for sure. They can get many gifts such as Stove, Electric rice cooker, Saree, Mixer, Cooker and many more. It is one of the most favorite program for the all the ladies.

      In some special days such as Diwali, Ugadi or any other festival days celebrity entertain us with there funny comments. Yet till now many celebrities participated in this game show. Don't miss this interesting game show which is very enjoyable. While watching this game show we just forget every tension and start enjoying it.


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