Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kid Hero Aryan Fans are Teenage Girls

      Aryan a small 4 year kid who is acting in "AnanthaPurathu Veedu" film. The director of this film is NAGA. This is a more thrilling film the story is, A Kid going to his native where his mother and father stayed, there some superpower making all of them in fear... what is that? that is the story of this movie...

      For that kid hero role Aryan is the best choice... He is very cute and doing many funny things with this film unit. Most of the time Aryan will simply disappear from the spot, If they search for him then they could surely find him with his fans who are all young beautiful Teenage girls... All the units are telling that he is not Kid Hero... he will be a big Villan ;-).
Aryan Kid Hero
      To manage Aryan, many of the peoples has appointed but all are telling the same report as they are not able to control him.

      One day the unit took the shooting with the entire family (Aryan also). Director called for retake, Aryan seen that shot which already taken and told them that "I did correctly what they told to me. Why I have to act again for others mistake". He went out from the shooting spot also to play with his teenage girls...

      His mother Riky also saying the same, My son is very brilliant and he will obey my words... But sometimes he will disappear with girls...  Aryan will be the first Kid Villan I guess (just for fun   :-) )


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