Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magadheera In MAA TV today 7 PM

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Hi Friends,
     Today the interesting day . Yes I am going to watch my favorite magadheera movie in Maa TV today at 7PM. The actors are Ram Charan the famous Telugu hero Chiranjeevi's  son. The cute heroine Kajal, and with famous stars.

       The movie having the wonderful story which is related to reborn concept. The story started with the scene where hero and heroine lost their soul... The Hero Ramcharan introduced as a energetic youth. In this movie, especially in the first song father (Chiranjeevi) and son are dancing (in the Kozhi song).  The heroine Kajal is a college girl, Once ramcharan touches heroine accidentally he remember his old story.  But heroine didn't remember anything... Meantime a terrible Villan also introduced, he also remembers the old story accidentally...

      In this situatiuon, Hero and heroine are loving each other. Villan wants to marry heroine so he killed her father and told her that Rancharan has killed her father. Once all of them remember the old story, what has happened that is the rest of the movie.

      The graphics and the dress design are fantastic... So I wont miss today evening at 7PM in MAA TV to watch magadheera movie... Its wonderful movie... You see and leave your comment about your view :-)


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