Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanks to electronic cigarettes

Hey, Friends....
                    I would like to share my happy & wonderful moment with you all today. I have one and only best friend John. We both are working in the same office. He used to smoke a lot, In simple words we can say that he is a chain smoker. I was very much worried about his health. He used to call me outside whenever he smokes (In our office Smoking is not allowed inside the office). But I was unable to spend much time with him because I hate cigarette smell. I requested him to stop smoking but, he used to say me that if he stops smoking he can't concentrate on any of his work. So I just stopped disturbing him. I even avoided going out with him in office hours. He misunderstood me and we got a gap between us.

      One fine day when I was surfing Net I read an interesting article about electronic cigarettes. This electronic cigarettes contains a harmless liquid when it is inhaled it vaporizes. Surprisingly, the next week was a friendship day. I decided to gift him a electronic cigar. I gifted him on that precious friendship day & he even started using it. I was so happy because I saved my friend's life from those normal harmful cigarettes. And then after he stopped calling me out for smoking because this electronic cigarette can be used freely in any public place like office, theaters, restaurants and etc.., with out spoiling yours and others health. We again became very close friends with the help of this electronic cigarette.

      Hence, i request you to pass this information to all the persons whom u care about.....

                                      "I would like to convey my thanks to electronic cigarettes."


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