Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Treasure Story in Bodi - Kajana Rock

Kajana - This is actually a Tamil word. Meaning is the big box which holds gold, diamonds and many valuable things.  (It is almost similar meaning with our Safety Locker).
Many of the peoples in various countries still thinking to get some treasure and to become rich. Bodi Mettu is a famous place in Tamilnadu, India. The area is very cool because its having deep forest. The peoples who are living in BODI having some belief about treasure that is "Kajana Rock".  When Pandava's (Puranam Story King and their brothers)  stayed in this forest, they had stored some valuable things in this rock this is what the belief with the people.
Kajana Rock
To reach the Kajana Rock, we first need to reach the Muttu Kaadu (Muttu Forest). The way to reach this Rock is really very dangerous as lot of elephants uses this area as its place. So There is one elephant watching tower is available to watch is there any elephant near to that place. Once the people confirmed then only they will start moving to the forest further. Otherwise there is no guarantee for your life.

Many people lost their life in this forest. But this Kajana Rock is not really having any treasure. So friends, our life is important than any treasure. So don't believe such treasure stories any more.


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