Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hollywood movies in SunTV

Hi friends,
   SUN TV a big TV network in the world, It's focus to give very useful and entertainment programs to the Indian audience. They are having many game show, NEWS, Research, Educational , Dance, Songs, Movies, medical, health and many more programs. In these they are also broadcasting the nice program HollyWood movies. The Holly wood is the very interesting field in cinima/movies, we could enjoy many their creativity, technical, graphics and the screenplay. But if some of us not understand the  language and their slang. You just imagine if we get a chance to see them in our own language? Yeah SUN TV / SUN Networks doing that for their audience. They have a team to dup the movie in local slang. So that we can enjoy the hollywood styles in our local language. I love to watch hollywood movies in suntv on every sunday 11.30 am. It makes me more happy.

you can also watch them every sunday at 11.30am. SunTV is my favorite channel :-) What about you?


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