Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thendral Mega Serial is boring

Thendral Mega serial is the one which they have started recently in SUN Tv. The timing is at 9.00pm to 9.30pm. The story started with the nice beginning, The hero of the thendral serial working in a bank he is having a sister. she looking at a poor girl who is the heroine in a temple. Hero's Sister initiated Hero to love that poor girl (Tulasi). Tulasi is a girl who suffering from her step mom and useless daddy. Meantime Villan approaching Tulasi's father/step mother to marry her. They agreed for Villan's money.

    Meantime hero went to Tulasi's home and asked their parents to marru her. They refused. His mom arranged for marriage for him. He also agree once Tulasi refused his love. He got commited with the new girl. In this time, hero helping Tulasi in stopping the marriage with  villan. She started loving Hero. Hero also now hiding that he already committed with that girl.

I really feel they have missed to express the Hero's love. Because he really don't know anything about heroine but he is taking many risk in his life for her. As well his character is not a much serious person and he is always doing right things. But dont know why he is hiding his committed matter to heroine? .

This mega serial is also becoming as a normal mega serial. We are expecting a different trend in TV channels instead of Mega serials.


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