Monday, August 30, 2010

Benefits, Disadvantages & Process After Getting Selected via CPM JKC

Process or payment after getting selected for a company through CPM JKC???
             After getting selected for a company you will be given 6 months of training in CPM JKC. You need to pay some amount to JKC for quitting from it. We don't have exact idea but according to previous records, I think that the selected candidate have to pay their first month salary to CPM JKC.

Benefits of CPM JKC???
  • You can attend the placements for many well reputed companies like Wipro, IBM, Satyam, TCS, CA, Infosys and many others.
  • Increase your knowledge on the interview process.
  • Provided you with a online account to give you all the updates.
  • As a part of training you can attend one day workshop, campus placement skills and online exam.
  • Some books are given to the candidates for improving the skills in English, Aptitude, Programming and so on...
Disadvantages of CPM JKC???
  • Recruitment chances is very low because of the competition.


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