Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dhee Jodi Masters and female contestants in 2nd Episode

            In the 2nd episode of Dhee jodi. They introduced another 3 maters that is continuation of episode 1. The masters were Dhana Kumar Master, Poppy Master and Sekher Master. They even announced that they are going to be 6 male and female contestants in this reality show. In this episode the they introduced the female contestants and gave  a masters to select them if they like by giving a 3 cards like silver(lowest Priority), gold (Medium Priority) and diamond(Higher Priority). The female contestants were Ramya, Shruthi(international Kabadi player), Anju, Anusha, Aparna, Anusree,

The following is the female participants for masters:

Kalia Master- Ramya (Gold Card)
Dhana Kumar Master- Shruthi (Gold Card)
Dev Kishore Master- Anju (Dimond Card)
Sekher Master- Anusha (Diamond Card)
Poppy Master- Aparna (Gold Card)
Kalai Master-Anusree(Silver Card)

        To know about male contestants and jodi we have to wait for a week and shockingly Jonny master comes into Dhee Jodi.


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