Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kavalan Movie Story - Vijay Asin

Vijay(Bhoominathan) is very much fond of goondas and roudies right from
his childhood. He starts learning to become a brave goonda by becoming a
bodyguard for famous anti socials. Sometime later, he decides to become
the bodyguard of a wealthy and powerful man Rajkiran. He achieves his
luck after saving Rajkiran from a danger. Vijay thus becomes the
bodyguard of Rajkiran's only daughter Asin. Vijay follows Asin to her
college as her Bodyguard. Asin and her friend Mithra Kurien gets
irritated with him following them all day.

The two girls started making fake calls to Vijay's number, trying to get
rid off him. Asin is the girl who calls him telling she is very much in
love with him and all those stuffs. At first things goes smooth but
later on it gets into serious issues. What happens next deals with the

Vijay, Asin and Vadivelu have done their roles quite well. Vadivelu who
stays with bodyguard vijay as a servant will makes us to laugh through
out the film. You cannot the jokes like Friends Movie. Jokes are OK and
not too good.

After years vijay has comes out of his masala formula, kaavalan is a
family entertainer. The climax lights to one in Kuch kuch Hota Hai.
Kaavalan Will Be A Super Hit Movie Of this Pongal. Vijay Rocks in


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