Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bhopal – City of lakes – Artificial Lake


Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh was founded by Legendary Parmar King Raja Bhoj from Gond Dynasty during the 11th century and the present city is been established by an Afghan Soldier, Sardar Dost Mohamed Khan and his descendants. The city has a blend of scenic beauty of Vindhyachal ranges and historical references. The most famous attractions are Taj Ul Masjid – the nation’s largest Mosque, Juma Masjid, Bharat Bhavan, Van Vihar and the attractive water bodies Upper Lake, Lower Lake and Shahpura Lake.

Bhopal – City of lakes

The crown of all attractions in Bhopal is the Upper Lake. Upper lake of Bhopal is also known as Bhopal Lake, Bada Talab, Bhoj Tal – “Bhoj Lake”is the largest artificial lake in the country and is more than 1000 years old. This 32 square kms scenic beauty is been constructed by Parmar King Raja Bhoj who founded Bhopal. The king suffered a chronic skin disease and almost all his doctors (vaidyas) have lost hope and declared cureless. A saint then advised the king, if he takes bath in a tank which is been fed by 365 tributaries he can get cured.

King Bhoj then ordered the engineers to build a large tank, they spotted river Betwa and managed all its tributaries to make a huge lake. But when they counted it was only 359 tributaries and the need was 365. A Gond Commander by name Kalia then managed to get an address of an invisible river through which they completed the task. This is how this huge lake was built by merging all the 365 tributaries which caters to almost 35% of Bhopal’s drinking water supply today and a most important landmark of this city.

Bada Talab – “Big lake” also houses a lot of water sporting activities of the state as well as the country. Daily practices are been done by the sportsmen every morning and also the garden along with the banks serve as walking and jogging track to the health conscious ones.

The greatest attraction to the tourist as well as the locals – who flock during the weekends is the different boating options in offer. You have pedal boats, paddle boats small as well as large and the high speed motor boat. Water skiing is also available at very affordable cost unlike other tourist places. Some special seasons they also offer parasailing and other adventurous sports with proper training. You have some affordable staying options facing the lake which can make your holiday more memorable.


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