Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Car Engine Runs using Water instead of Petrol / Diesel


Petrol and Diesel are considered as a very essential for every car. The usage of car and automobiles are also increasing day by day. In this manner, in some years surely we will get a great demand for Petrol and Diesel. The pollution is  another factor which cannot be avoided if we are using such petrol/diesel vehicle.

What would be the solution to avoid this??

Yes... One Srilankan guy has invented a technology which makes possible to run the car using water itself. Wow Really its a fantastic information. His name is Thushara Ethirisingh. He tested his technology by filling three liters of water and travelled 300 kilo meters...

The main advantage, this technology won't pollute the environment as like the normal petrol/diesel.

Many countries are ready to buy his technology. However, this guy likes to have this technology should be used for his country.

Thushara Ethirisingh, Please let your technology spread around the world. Petrol rates are going very high day by day...


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