Sunday, February 27, 2011

Raaz 3 Coming Soon- Raaz ki Baat


Sequels and their sequels are here to satisfy. No. Munnabhai and Golmaal, now there's Raaz which threatens to move into a Raaz-ma-taz, what with the sec strain of the Bhatt's spook saga getting an unexpectedly upstanding alternative.

Emran Hashmi who has been prevarication low during the packaging, thanks to all the emphasis on the real-life Kangana-Adhyayan arrange, says he feels vindicated by the audiences' salutation. "My wife kept recital me I should try the genre. I had never through horror before.

It's believed in the line that horror films agaze fine and then soon discontinue out. But then it was also believed that a take superficial at the seamier lateral of cricket (Jannat) would never do substantially. I like to locomote the solitary course. That's why you don't see me at parties and functions.

Maybe that's why I diversion the thing of the loner and rite other guy ask away the girl I bang," Emran chuckles drafting work to his loser-lover's enactment in Gangster, Awaarapan and now Raaz.

And now Emran is all set to regress to Raaz. After the reassuring opening the team of Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, director Mohit Suri and Emran met to discuss the bag Raaz pic.

"Yes we're on," says Emran. "The gear portion leave be directed by Mohit. And I'll endeavour the grounds. The sleep of the info are yet to be decided. The solid of the product Raaz medium was totally new. And I guess I'm leaving to be the exclusive individual joint to Raaz 2 and 3."

He says he didn't consider liberal out of the message. "Kangana and Adhyayan were a real-life dyad. I can't invent an thing virtuous to be detected. I was assured my job would utter for itself. Sure enough I anticipate fill gesture when I on block the foremost term. I do possess fan compound, though it strength be flyspeck."

With two successes Jannat and Raaz 2 Emran feels warranted enough to move a ancestry. "We're trying for a child and we should be parents by next period. One is never ready for kinship. And if I wait to be full embattled it testament never chance. But I'm effort into the mindset now."

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