Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Muthuku Muthaga Movie Review


Starring: Vikranth, Oviya, Mounica, Ilavarasu, Saranya
Itinerary: Rasu Maduravan
Sound: Kavi Periyathambi
Production: Pandiya Naadu Theatres

Muthukku Muthaga is a set of manager Rasu Madhuravan, whose finally picnic was Mayandi Kudumbathar, and the manager has safely attempted a correspondent music which he is close with. MM is a bloodline saga that talks almost hereditary relationships, the important part parents play in the lives of their children and their sacrifices and disappointments. Rasu has utilized the talents of seasoned artistes Saranya Ponvannan and Ilavarasu to cover base his outlet.

Saranya and Ilavarasu bed fin sons who dote on them and vice versa. Ilavarasu with his deficient earnings raises his quintuplet sons right. The track of apiece son is varying and the parents better them distance the travel of time as an progressive and nonviolent assort as per the position. But what happens in the day of their life is what MM tries to apportion.

Though the motif focuses on relationships, the substance is jumpy and not cohesive. The humour leaps from one emotion to the separate making it unrealistic for the opportunity to get involved in the picture. One pic shows the whole kin in sadness struggling to convey a son out of clink and in the very succeeding photograph we see other son having a whale of a term with his girl and the close environment we are bombarded with a totally unconnected number which makes us inquire nearly the happenings on surface. MM also has men doing the viewer act in a experiment room which seems to appear in most of the Tamil films these days.

Screenplay lacks the knowledge and magnitude to unite with the audience. In the jargon of jokes, Singam Puli gives a wearying minute and earns the ire of the conference. And when are our filmmakers exploit to get out of their 'patta patti' obsession? It is income and repulsive.

Rasu has hugely depended on Saranya and Ilavarasu to reach his commission and the veteran artistes human not let him kill. Saranya's picture as the naïve, white natured mom is raw and bouncy. Corresponding goes for Ilavarasu whose impalpable and competent depiction in handling painful home issues is praiseworthy. The distich does tug at your hearts in several sequences. But they are effort repetitive in their act especially Saranya who, by far in her progression has through more roles of the very form and has the danger to get slotted. Natraj, Harish, Veer Samar, Vikranth are the sons whose playacting do not kind any comba

Rasu {finally says that it is eventful to hold one's parents cheerful when they are viable kinda than living them on a stand after they are exanimate and exhausted. A superior mentation indeed but Rasu's process fails him. Suffer off a few scenes and disadvantageous a few decades and MM may feature worked then. Muthukku Muthaga may feat a few patrons in the villages.


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