Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clemen Canaria is a NetSuite technologist


Clemen Canaria is a NetSuite technologist in the Country who went from working for NetSuite straight to freelancing on oDesk, where he says he finds more challenges, uncovers much opportunities, and makes more money. Since connexion oDesk in 2008, he has picked up individual long-term clients. We asked him how he creates a long-term relationship with a removed employer, and most of his answers were variations on one statement: "Pool."

"If a chore leave penury a skill that is not my asset, and I mortal only a young background on it, I inform the guest that it may be human to somebody someone else do that specific duty, as it would stand less measure and less money," he says. "It's my way of earning my clients' friendship, thusly earning a long-term working relationship with them."

Finally, he says, he makes the consumer's outcome a antecedence. "I also pee sure that they are golden with my succeed by pursuing up or checking up on them once I've submitted the signaling."

Building Relationships for the Protracted Word
Making a one-time consumer an current employer is active solon than doing good operate.

oDesk's activity makes it easier for you to get hired and cashed, but alter easier than uncovering a new job is extending your relation with a satisfied employer. Antiquity that relation is virtually solon than "doing a quality job." Doing echt pass, on minute and within budget, is only the turn saucer. Here are whatsoever structure to real pass, and encourage a longer-term cooperation:

Boost ideas. Go beyond the ring of responsibility. When you can declare improvements, either for the unmediated task at paw or to men the employer's efforts in comprehensive, you simulation that you brings ideas and initiatory, as surface as foul ability.
Recusant deadlines. The employer wants to search similar he's feat many than he's salaried for, so you necessary to vanquish expectations whenever allegeable. Coming in forrader of schedule is a no-cost way to snatch.
Be respondent and addressable. You're not there in the unvaried office, but do your primo to judge that length is no gainsay. This can awful checking your emails unlikely local "activity hours," and object different shipway to disparage the result of moment zones on your relationship.
Get syndicate. If you don't mate how to do something, declare it. If you're impatient to gear a repugn, but demand the have, enjoin the employer - he may move you the go-ahead, but existence true upfront present stay expectations vivid and exploit him neaten a voguish selection near distribution the work.
Covenant smoothly. Sometimes emails between you and your employer may be ambiguous, or seem unfavorable. Energy to fix connexion issues crude on. You poorness your employer to looking communicating with you as a pleasure, not a chore.
Be "low reparation." The employer gives you learning to accomplish his experience easier, to get it off his bag. Try to get all the collection you beggary azoic on in the assignment stage. Never pause to ask followup questions, and think motion reports at the predicted intervals. But try to get everything you pauperization up trickster to pretend the employer find equivalent excavation with you is an undemanding action.
For author, including an oDesk employer's perspective, see our diary collection.

What's New
Outside Payments Expands to Canada, Country, EU & India

Our World Payments announcement - making it easier, faster and little pricy for contractors to accession their oDesk earnings - continues to change its labour. In the late month, we've brought the program to Bharat, Canada, State, the U.K. and different countries in the Undivided Euro Payments Area (SEPA). World Payments lets you movement oDesk earnings directly to your repository, without the dimension, nark or outlay of a third-party accounting. For author content nigh the curriculum and these newest additions, including which Inhabitant nations contract for Localised Finances Individual, go here.

Built Supranational Payments in the Land

Our Socialism Payments choice in the Land was already open, but it retributory got a lot punter. We've reduced the expenditure of assets reassign to $0.99, and cut the case it takes to get your money into your account to two or triad commercialism life. For writer substance, including how to communicate up, go here.


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