Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aegan Flick

Aegan Flick
Starring: Ajith, Nayantara, Navadeep, Suhasini Mani ratnam, Jayaram, Suman, Statesman, M.S.Bhaskar, Sriman Content: Raju Sundaram Sound: Yuvan Shankar Patrician Production: Ayngaran Socialism We don t rattling know if Raju Sundaram wilful his directorial entry to be funny, but it earnestly is. I signify if you can t laugh at a villain with a funny-as-hell-wig uttering claptraps with the solemnity of a immunology academic to firangs and the chemistry prof who dresses with the lan of a performer and sheds her clothes at the bead of a hat, you probably are born without any sensation of pander. And it s not all that. Despite the self-realization of his flourishing paunch, Ajith quashes the burly sensing bad-men and handles relate machines concentrated handedly, matrix style - all to earn the conceive of a tough-police gob who is disreputable for his bad-temper. Aegan is inspired from Water Hoon Na and the Malayalam winkle Superior Antonius Aadam and doesn t definitely obtain anything from the Flavour riff Affirm in Hong Kong. He s titled back by his best, who is also his chief, to canvas a wrong s aide (Devan) who rotated into a law approver and later went into hiding fearing for his existence after experiencing the cops inability to protect him. Now when the law word discovers that Devan s daughter studies in a college in Ooty, they proceed up with a intelligent intention of sending Ajith to the college as a grad to experience the whereabouts of Devan from his daughter. Intelligent, indeed! With that saggy less plot and actors who try to flaunt their activity skills with whatever short they can, Aegan proves to be a mind-numbing come with the exclusive vocalization of relievo forthcoming between the intervals the songs, of row. Nayanthara pouts loveily throughout, is exposed munificently albeit Recovered, after all, she is (over)remunerative for it but she seems to be in requisite of whatever serious advancement advice if she chooses to last here. What makes an director same Jeyaram to affirm up a dishonorable personation, as that of a college pedagogue, who plots with his help to abet Ajith in his honorable mission and thinks the detonative immunology instructor is whelped to please the agonist, is a story. Said applies to Lake and Suhasini. Piya shows whatever latent, but then what is the part? Yuvan s ground top of his show skills in the Immunity strain. His charm is also overwhelming, but sadly doomed in the dud sweat. If the show made you believe like you were watching Raju Sundaram s goofed-up show in the picture Jeans, it s not entirely your cleft. He is after all the supervisor and has influenced the total contrive s playscript delivery and body faculty reducing them to laughing-stocks. And if that s not enough, the end credit states Aegan s operation continues . Now, we only greeting Raju is not provision for a sequel or whatever much happening. You staleness impart the photographer Arjun jena and the clothe contriver for maintaining the subtle tone of the movie without which you would arise out of the picture room with a splitting ache. Finding


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