Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Married Life Of Telugu TV Anchor Suma-(Star Mahila)

      Suma married Rajiv Kanakala. Rajiv Kanakala's father Devedas Kanakala was directing a serial "Megamala" he took her in that serial. It was the first serial in Gemini TV. At that time she met Rajiv Kanakala for 1st time. They both acted in a serial " Jeevana Rangam". In that serial they acted as husband and wife. she got a chance to act in movie which was directed by "Dasari Narayana Rao" but Rajiv Kanakala said that it will not suit suit her since she is very homely. She said that this caused a small gap between them but they again started talking and got married.

      When she said to there parents they did not accepted it but she said very confidently that she will marry Rajiv Kanakala. Her parents said that this field is not permanent for us, Lets go to kerala and asked her to marry a Kerala boy but she did not agreed for that proposal. She convinced her parents and rajiv's family also accepted for this marriage with out any objection. They got married on !0th Feberary 1999. They had a boy in the year 2000 and they named as "Rohan Karthak" and one daughter "Manishvani". Her uncle, aunty are from this movie field so they gave full support to her views.

      If you want to know more INFORMATION ABOUT HER CHILDHOOD just have a click here.


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