Sunday, April 18, 2010

Complaint Box Needed in Schools ???

      Complaint Boxes in schools are now proposed by many peoples now a days. The reason behind this Complaint boxes in schools because of some bad teachers only.

Many of the schools making difference between students as "Dull Students" & "Bright Students". Their treatment between them are different. The reason to treat them that because of they want their school to be get 100% pass history. Even many of the school don't admit any students who got less than 60%. The ill treatment against the students has to be reported using this kind of Complaint Box. The students have to tell their own opinions as well as their problems freely.

In house and in any places we missed to listen students opinion. We simply don't care about their view. More over we used to say "you are kid"!!! This will affect their self confidence as well the innovative thinking.



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