Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fraud Nithyanandha Sami Got Trapped by Police

The famous fraud Nithyanandha Sami finally arrested by Police today in Himachal. Niyanandha sami got illegal connection with actress Ranjitha (Ranjitha acted in many tamil films like JaiHind, Karna). Nithyanandha's prime disciple trapped him using a hidden camera in his bedroom. Every TV channels kept on telecasting to torn his mask.

Especially SUN TV telecast this news from start to end to make all of its viewer very clear about what really happened to Nithyanandha and Ranjitha matter. He suddenly escaped from police after this matter.

Today he got trapped by Police in Himachal... Law experts saying that he has done many hidden things which is illegal to Law. So expecting he will get more punishment.

I strongly agree a severe punishment to be given to Nithyanandha as he cheated religious as well peoples. With the name of religious many of fraud Samiyar arising. Premanandha, Nithyanandha in their list who will come to next???


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