Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mega Serials in TV Channels

In our daily life, we will have many entertainment starting from film, outing, music... In these the important entertainment is Mega Serials. The term Mega serials may be new to some of the countries. In India this is the very famous term as almost all the family spending their time with this most ( particularly in Tamil Mega Serials ).

I could list many serials which has history. For example India have the history of many TV channels (Sun TV, Raj TV, Kalaingar TV, Vijay TV, Mega TV, Makkal TV, Zee TV...) telecasting Mega Serial over many years. The serial directors are really good entertainer. Some of the serials are interesting and making more expectation what will happen on next episode. They are very genius as they will always stop with the surprise in each episode.

I started to watch Mega Serials from DD named Shanthi . In this Mandra is the heroine. It was a complicated family story.
Next "Marma Desam", "Chitti" , "ChandraKanta", "Sakthimaan", "Chitti", "Thendral", "Marumagal", "Metti Oli" and many more...

How could they expand a small story as mega serials? A Mega serial director interviewed by a News reporter. He said that, they were planned to finish a story about to 24 episodes. But their viewers and sponsors got good response in the end of 15 week itself so they have planned to expand the serial as some more time. That serial still telecasting by the SUN TV which is more than 3 years.

Its very funny. Mega Serials maker are good business minded people. Viewers are good listeners. Whatever they will say as story (with or without logic ) they are ready to watch it ;-)


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