Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Transport Service

Hi friends,
                     Are you shifting your house (or) want to transport products from one place to another then you need a good service..... you can choose "NEW SENTHIL ROAD LINES" which can provides you the best service. They are the Fleet Owners and Contractors. They are kings in this field since many years i.e.., from 1987.

      New senthil road line's head office is located at Hyderabad (Gagan Pahad) in India. They offer us the service from Hyderabad to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka (all the 3 states). They even provide us at very chepest price. They are experts in this transport field. They tranport the products from one place to another via "LORRY". If you want to know more information about New senthil road lines then you can contact them on 040- 20020124

      I think you will utilize this transport service at "NEW SENTHIL ROADLINES" and get profited.


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