Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ELCC Removing Z letter from English

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Hi Friends,
I heard an interesting news from my friends, Some announcement come from English Language Central Commission (ELCC).
To make some unification American and British spellings and phonetic of the english language, they have decided to remove the z from english language... All are really will get surprise about this change. They have planned to replace the Z with x and with s. The changes will be  depends upon to make the unification.

This information really need our attention & many affected areas
From IT industry view, I am seeing many changes will surely require to solve this issue.
More over the persons who are all good in english typing will get trouble.
Manufactures depends on the english keyboards like laptop, computer, mobile, and so... will get affected...
Many softwares written with the z character involved. So That also will get troubled...

Such troubled change really needed ???


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