Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hot Summer Games- Know About Cricket

      Hi Friends, this is the summer time you can make this summer cool by watching the cricket sitting at home. World cup 20-20 has been started. The cricket has been started in the 16th century. Cricket is the world's second popular game. The rules of the game is called as laws of cricket.

      Cricket is played on the pitch which is located on the cricket field. The match is conducted between two teams. Each team contains eleven players. The range of the game depends on the overs they play i.e.., 20 overs, 50 overs. Test cricket is played for 5 days. Toss decides which team should bad and which team should ball. In 11 members, one is bowlers, one is wicketkeeper and other nine are fielders.

      The pitch is 22 yards. The field diameter is 135-150 meters. The bat length is 38 inches, width is 4.25 inches. the circumference of the ball is 9 inches. The ball can be delivered at the speed of 90 miles per hour or more. The players wear protective clothing's like batting gloves, pads, helmet.

      They are different types of matches like Test cricket, National championship, IPL 20-20 match, World cup 20-20 match and many more. This is maintained by ICC(International Cricket Council) and MCC( Marylebone Cricket Club).



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