Monday, May 10, 2010

LPG in Cars - Will Engine get Damaged ?

We all know that we are using LPG in cars nowadays. Many of us thinking that is it really good or bad to engine... The answer is LPG in Cars are really good.

In Chennai itself there are 32 stations available to fill the LPG in car. Not only this, the Indian Auto Gas Pumps are available from Chengalpat to KanyaKumari. For Safety it is highly recommended to use the GAS Kit which is provided by the Government.
LPG Gas Car
If we use the Gas in Engine, then engine will get spoiled. This statement is entirely wrong. If we can change the Engine Oil once in 5000 KM for normal petrol engine, The same engine oil can be replaced in LPG engine once in 15,000 KM. Not only this LPG gas cars can produce less smoke which will not pollute the environment.

We can save money also using this LPG. The rates of the LPG gas very cheap compared to Petrol. So you can surely use the LPG in your car engine. This is very convenient and good for your Car and your economy :-)


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